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Sophiakaile49 Sophiakaile49 21 April 2020

Why You Should Watch Movies On Netflix? Which Are The Best Netflix Movies In 2020

With a huge number of movies to browse and navigation systems and calculations that don't generally settle on the correct decision simple to discover, it very well may be hard to tell what to watch on Netflix.

So we've set aside the effort to swim through Netflix's hearty list so as to present to you a rundown of the absolute best motion pictures on Netflix at the present time. Regardless of whether you're into impactful narratives or Scorsese's most recent mobster flick, our rundown has you secured.

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PeaAre PeaAre 3 August 2017

If You Cannot Wait for The Ending

Hello, Kvothe is Chandrian. His story you are being told is to bring in the Chronicler and all his tales (and any others like him), into his grasp, remove any tales of their history and replace any of their actions (or the Amyr) with fables of 'Kvothe'. All he is doing is re-telling terrible actions he has done, has erased from history and the ending will be the Chronicler and all his tales being erased and 'Kvothe' taking over as 'Chronicler' and travelling around removing any other stories.

You're in his perspective and telling of the tale. He actually:

- Murders troupes.

- Steals from the nobles.

- Destroys universities and their Chancellors, their rules and their documents about him and the Chandrian (gets caught a number of times sneaking…

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Gsydonkey Gsydonkey 10 May 2017

Roads to Safe Places

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Gsydonkey Gsydonkey 9 May 2017

Interlude - Autumn

  • "Curse Tehlu and his angels?"
  • You were just surprised, but you only tried to bind me.
  • "Bast gave a warm smile, his eyes a human blue again."
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Gsydonkey Gsydonkey 7 May 2017


  • Threeweight oak!
  • Someone’s parents,” he said, “have been singing entirely the wrong sort of songs.
  • "I stood there, mute. Frozen as a startled fawn."
  • You are as good as a watcher, Haliax,” he snapped."
  • Who knows the inner turnings of your name, Cinder?
  • Who keeps you safe from the Amyr? The singers? The Sithe? From all that would harm you in the world?
  • His sword was pale and elegant.
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Gsydonkey Gsydonkey 6 May 2017

Distractions and Farewells

  • "My parents sang “The Lay of Sir Savien Traliard.” Like most of the great songs, Sir Savien was written by Illien, and generally considered to be his crowning work."
  • "Remember your father’s song. Be wary of folly."
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Gsydonkey Gsydonkey 6 May 2017

The Name of the Wind

  • Tehlu hold and—
  • We saw the loden-stone in Peleresin, didn’t we?
  • The story behind it. Lanre’s story.
  • He refused to teach me any sygaldry at all,
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Gsydonkey Gsydonkey 2 May 2017

Interlude - Flesh with Blood Beneath

  • Shag down here and get it yourself, you hack!
  • "an accomplished member of the Arcanum, at least Re’lar."
  • "the innkeeper with one hand hidden in a linen rag."
  • Chronicler, I would like you to meet Bastas, son of Remmen, Prince of Twilight and the Telwyth Mael.
  • Who, over the course of a hundred and fifty years of life, not to mention nearly two years of my personal tutelage, has managed to avoid learning a few important facts.
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Gsydonkey Gsydonkey 27 April 2017

Puzzle Pieces Fitting

  • "Trying to piece together this story is a fool’s game."
  • I won’t be able to leave until I’ve heard the blackened thing.
  • The Chandrian’s signs are another key piece of information we can’t nail down. Everyone agrees there are signs that warn of their presence, but nobody agrees on what they are.
  • "In fact, blue candles would be just the thing the next time we play Daeonica."
  • And names are strange things. Dangerous things.
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Gsydonkey Gsydonkey 25 April 2017

The Binding of Iron

Seven things has Lady Lackless "Chaen means seven. Chaen-dian means seven of them."

Lackless rhyme

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Gsydonkey Gsydonkey 23 April 2017

Alar and Several Stones

  • Do you believe in God?” “Tehlu? After a fashion.
  • And none of your petty philosophy or I’ll make you sorry you ever took a shining to that little game.
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Gsydonkey Gsydonkey 22 April 2017

Riding in the Wagon with Ben

  • Arcane: Something arcane is understood or known by only a few people.

  • "Not some poor chill-charmer who works his way back and forth across caravan routes, trying to keep fresh meat from rotting.”
  • It was the look that said, “You don’t sound as young as you look.”
  • “Sympathy?” I interrupted as politely as possible. “You’d probably call it magic,” Abenthy said reluctantly. “It’s not, really.”
  • “But even knowing sympathy doesn’t make you an arcanist. A true arcanist has worked his way through the Arcanum at the University.”
  • Some stories say Taborlin the Great went there to learn the names of all things.
  • “Trip has something like that,” I said. “He rolls sevens.”
  • “The Tehlins called them demon signs, and burned folk if they had them.” Abenthy’s mood seem…

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Gsydonkey Gsydonkey 22 April 2017

Thieves, Heretics, and Whores


  • "Besides, it’s chock full of Tehlu, so no one will complain about it being vulgar.
  • "After a moment’s surprise, I realized the strange light came from a pair of sympathy lamps the old man had mounted on his wagon."
  • "Trouble me no longer! I will set fire to your blood and fill you with a fear like ice and iron!
  • By the power of my name I command it to be so.
  • “"What are you looking for?” “I’d like some lacillium.” We had performed Farien the Fair a dozen times in the last month, and it had filled my young mind with intrigue and assassination."
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Gsydonkey Gsydonkey 20 April 2017

The Price of Remembering


  • A draccus is a large herbivorous reptilian creature, known for their ability to breathe fire.


  • Chronicler: "God’s charred body,” he said breathlessly. “It really is you, isn’t it?”
  • "how is the road to Tinuë?”
  • "But it was all worth it since you’re actually here.”
  • "I’m not here because of the price on your head.”
  • "Lochees? Are you related to Duke . . .”
  • “I’ve been traveling with an old friend of yours. Skarpi.”
  • "Otherwise, you might have thought,” he bit off the word, “of how much danger you were putting me in by coming here.”
  • "Chronicler’s face grew red. “I’d heard that Kvothe was fearless,” he said hotly. The innkeeper shrugged. “Only priests and fools are fearless, and I’ve never been on the best of terms with God.”
  • "Kote shook his head. “…

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Gsydonkey Gsydonkey 20 April 2017



  • Stream and stone, it’s frightening how primitive you people are.
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Gsydonkey Gsydonkey 20 April 2017

Halfway to Newarre


  • Kote: “Charred body of God, what are you doing out here at this time of night?
  • Tehlu anyway, have you had bad luck your whole life, or have you been saving it all up for tonight?
  • "In the firelight his hair was impossibly red, his eyes a shocking, vibrant green."
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Gsydonkey Gsydonkey 20 April 2017

Wood and Word


  • "wood all the way from Aryen, not with the roads being as bad as they are.
  • "Its grey-white metal shone against the dark roah behind it."
  • "Limes from Tinuë, chocolate from Tarbean, polished horn from Aerueh. . . ."
  • Took an arrow in the knee on my way through the Eld three summers ago."
  • Nighmane"
  • Mhenka.”
  • Listen three times, Bast.
  • I was a city-licensed escort from Ralien. A grateful Cealdish merchant gave me money to start an inn. His name is Deolan. We were traveling from Purvis. "
  • They were graceful, with long, delicate fingers.
  • "All the scars were smooth and silver except one."
  • "Sleep met him like a lover in an empty bed."
  • "He’s off fighting the rebels in Menat now.” “Meneras,” Kote corrected gently.
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Gsydonkey Gsydonkey 20 April 2017

A Beautiful Day


  • "until he finished this foolishness and met up with Skarpi in Treya."
  • God’s body, you certainly have a heavy pair, don’t you?
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Gsydonkey Gsydonkey 18 April 2017


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Gsydonkey Gsydonkey 14 April 2017

A Place for Demons

1. Definitions

  • Demon:
    An evil spirit or devil, especially one thought to possess a person or act as a tormentor in hell.

"he was possessed by an evil demon."
synonyms: devil, fiend, evil spirit, fallen angel.

2. Notes

  • The European rowan (Sorbus aucuparia) has a long tradition in European mythology and folklore. It was thought to be a magical tree and give protection against malevolent beings.

3. Other

  • Felling night
  • "Everyone knew that something bad had happened out on his farm last Cendling night, but since they were good friends they knew better than to press him for the details."
  • "God’s body, what happened to you?
  • Mother of God. Sit down, Carter. What happened to you? Sit down.
  • Blackened body of God, Kote. You’ve seen these things before?
  • "names…

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TommyYoung93 TommyYoung93 10 March 2017

When first I came to Tarbean (new song)

So I've just finished 'The Name of The Wind' for a second time. Now, one of the places that i was looking forward to revisiting was Tarbean. The city of Tarbean fascinated me upon my first reading of the book. Out of all the places in The Four Corners, my imagination painted the most perfect vision of Tarbean. And reading it for a second time round has just enhanced it. Round the same time as i was flicking through the chapters of Tarbean, I started to looked up everyones fan art of Tarbean. Just to see the city through someone elses eyes. To get someone elses opinion. After seeing some, I was truly amazed and inpired to express Tarbean in the way i felt it. But seems as I'm not overly talented with crayons and a sketch pad, I began writin…

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Witnessme Witnessme 29 November 2016

Kingkiller Chronicles Movie and Television Series Update

It's been recently announced that Lin-Manuel Miranda will be producing the upcoming film, tv series, and potentially future stage adaptation of the The Kingkiller Chronicle trilogy. You might've heard about him as he's the mastermind behind the hit Broadway musical "Hamilton" and recently helped with the music for Disney's Moana. Click here to read the full article.

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Asnow89 Asnow89 1 October 2015

Lionsgate Gets Kingkiller Chronicles Movie Rights

Hey Kingkiller fans!

We have some REALLY exciting news about the The Kingkiller Chronicles... Lionsgate just bought the movie rights! Robert Lawrence (you might know him from Clueless) will produce the film.

“Honestly, I've never been very interested in a straight-up movie deal,” said Patrick Rothfuss. “But Lionsgate was willing to work out something different, a multiplatform deal where they develop the films, TV series, and games simultaneously. That will give us the screen time to develop the characters and show off the world. What's more, through this whole process, they've treated me with amazing respect. I never thought a studio would approach me as a creative partner who understands how stories work."

This deal was finalized after being…

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Ohmystars Ohmystars 2 August 2015

The Name of the Wind sparks heated bidding war

According to an exclusive report by The Hollywood Reporter, The Name of the Wind sparks a heated bidding war. The report:

Warner Bros., MGM and Lionsgate are among a group of studios locked in a heated bidding war for Patrick Rothfuss' mega-best-selling fantasy novel The Name of the Wind, book one in The Kingkiller Chronicle series.

Nearly every studio — also including Fox and Universal — is interested in the book, and the pool of suitors is expected to expand. The Name of the Wind centers on Kvothe, a magically gifted young man who grows to be the most notorious wizard his world has ever seen.

But unlike most literary bidding wars, The Name of the Wind will see top brass from each studio descend on Comic-Con in San Diego this week to court R…

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Winged ruby Winged ruby 13 May 2015

Doors of Stone

SO: There is no release date for Doors of Stone. SO: We are all dying. It's awful. BLEH. But, I have news about it. IT WILL NOT COME OUT AT ANY FREAKING POINT IN 2015. SO yeah. We're dead. SOme people have evn lost interest in the series, saying they're not going to even read the next book. If Pat follows the safe style of releasing as before, the book should be released this year, but, so far, no dice. We can look forward to the possinble soon release of the Pilot episode of the TV show, since it was released to buyers 9 months ago. So, it's either coming out soon, or, *has a heart attack to think of it* not at all. 




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Ohmystars Ohmystars 6 May 2015

"The Lightning Tree" is a finalist for the 2015 Locus Awards

Great news! The companion tale The Lightning Tree, published in the anthology Rogues last year and featuring Bast, is a finalist for the 2015 Locus Award for Best Novella.

The announcement by Locus:

The Locus Science Fiction Foundation has announced the top five finalists in each category of the 2015 Locus Awards.
Winners will be announced during the Locus Awards Weekend in Seattle WA, June 26-28, 2015; Connie Willis will MC the awards ceremony. Additional weekend events include author readings with Willis and Daryl Gregory; a kickoff Clarion West party honoring first week instructor Andy Duncan, Clarion West supporters, awards weekend ticket holders, and special guests; panels with leading authors; an autograph session with books available for…
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Thodgkin Thodgkin 21 March 2015

Let's Discuss

So it has been almost five years since The Wise Mans Fear came out and it looks more liely that by mid 2016 we will have the Doors of Stone, however i dont want to wait that long and i dont think others do either. Let's call this a conspiracy blog a place where people can place their theories on what is going on and what has happened in the Temerant so far. The idea is if we gain enough support we can piece together the third book before it comes out. Will this be any kind of accurate NO! but is it a fun excersise YES.

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Xxtayce Xxtayce 18 March 2015

THEORY: We know the Names that Kvothe knows

Theory: We know (most of) the names Kvothe knows already. 

When a True Name is written in the books, it's done in italics. Every time Kvothe calls the Name of the Wind in the series, we see "Aerlevsedi". This is a Name we know he knows for certain, so we'll start there. From NotW, ch 84:

He looked at me. His dark eyes steadied me somewhat. Slowed the storm inside me. “Aerlevsedi,” he said. “Say it.” 
“What?” Simmon said somewhere in the distant background. “Wind?”
Aerlevsedi,” Elodin repeated patiently, his dark eyes intent upon my face. 
Aerlevsedi,” I said numbly.

Kvothe knows the Name of Wind, so we see Aerlevsedi but Simmon doesn't - so he only gets "Wind" (no italics). For comparison, when Elxa Dal tells Kvothe he kn…

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Kwif Kwif 24 February 2015

Plurals please

Just a reminder to everyone (me included) that Categories are pluralized. For example Category:Characters is correct, Category:Character is incorrect. Currently I'm going through Category:Location and changing the entries to Category:Locations. Apparently, the only mass change you can make to a category without using a bot is capitalization so you might say it's slow going. So if you happen to see another non-plural example in some other category, please take a moment and fix it.

I'm not sure what we'll do about a few of the current ones. Example: a) Modeg > Modegan (works) , b) Commonwealth > Commonwealths (just sounds wrong to me) Kwif (talk) 05:00, February 24, 2015 (UTC)

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Kwif Kwif 22 February 2015

Series Navbox attempt

Granted, they're are only a few things that a KKC Navbox will have (3 Main novels, 3 Side stories) so I figured it couldn't be that hard, right? Right?!

I present Template:WIP_Kingkiller_Texts.

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Ivorydoom Ivorydoom 6 February 2015


Hello Contributors!

I'm very excited to announce that my adoption of the wiki has been approved and I have been promoted to Bureaucrat!  If you need help with anything or have opinions on the wiki's style and appearance let me know.  We can chat about these things and make any changes that the community deem fitting!  

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Ivorydoom Ivorydoom 3 February 2015

Wiki Style Guide

Hello Fellow Editors!

I am hoping to start a discussion about the wiki style guide.  Our current guide is pretty good, however I was hoping to edit it to a more specific format.  I would love some input from other editors on what they'd like to see on the articles so that we can make pages consistent with eachother before removing the stub tags.  If you have any ideas you'd like to add, please comment.

I am hoping to add some of the elements from the pages I have personally edited, you can view these on my user homepage.

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A Fandom user 27 January 2015

Theory: Relation between the Fae and Mortal Realms

The Faen and Mortal realms play a significant and undeniable role in the Chronicles. In Kvothe's tale and in the small facts gleaned during our insights outside the tale itself we learn several things: Kvothe returns to the Fae after he is with Felurian, that the Fae adhere to many, if not all the traditions that Mortals have forgotten, or attribute to antiquity, Gramyre, and Glamoire are commonplace in the Faen realm, and the Fae can remain in the mortal realm for an indefinite amount of time.

We also learn that the Faen realm has a different concept of time than the mortal realm. Time in the mortal flows like a river, in the Faen realm, day and night are much like a side scrolling video game. Time of day remains constant, but the Fae and …

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Xxtayce Xxtayce 9 January 2015

THEORY: Naming is a two-way street

Okay, theory. In order to know the Name of something and truly have Mastery of it, you have to know it - but it has to know you as well.

“You called the wind and the wind listened.”
I struggled with the concept. “You’re saying the wind is alive?”
[Elodin] made a vague gesture. “In a way. Most things are alive in one way or another.”
-NotW, ch 86, The Fire Itself

Kote doesn't make a point of mentioning it, so I don't think he's even aware of the relationship between a Namer and the thing being Named, but the wind helps him - almost consciously - several times.

When he's a child and overhears Ben talking to his parents about the Chandrian, the Wind stops him from hearing all of their individual signs, and helps him sneak closer to hear what they h…

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Xxtayce Xxtayce 9 January 2015

THEORY: Singing Magic, and why there was no music

Singing Magic theory, and why there was - of course - no music.

Haliax seems to indicate that the Singers are a great threat to the Chandrian.

"Who keeps you safe from the Amyr, the Singers, the Sithe?" And then Cinder, when his troupe was killed, “Someone’s parents,” he said, “have been singing entirely the wrong sort of songs.”

I think Singing (like "Naming", different from "naming") is one of the types of magic, and that he learns it in the Stormwal mountains.

“I guess I’d to go to the Tahlenwald,” [Kvothe] said. “I heard a story once that said the leaders of their tribes aren’t great warriors, they’re singers. Their songs can heal the sick and make the trees dance.” I shrugged. “I’d go there and find out if it was true.” - WMF, ch 38, Kern…
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Xxtayce Xxtayce 9 January 2015

THEORY: Kvothe has Fae blood

This is an old theory, and not as relevant as it used to be, but potentially may still be important. This is still going to be lengthy, so please bear with me.

(1) Bast says that humans can tell Fae by their hair and eyes.

“Second secret,” Bast said. “The fae folk look nearly like we do, but not exactly. Most have something about them that makes them different. Their eyes. Their ears. The color of their hair or skin. Sometimes they’re taller than normal, or shorter, or stronger, or more beautiful.” – The Lightning Tree

(2) The only people, aside from Kvothe, in the entire stories whose eyes change color are Fae - Bast and Felurian.


“As he spoke, Bast’s eyes grew paler, until they were the pure blue of a clear noontime sky. [...] Bast’s eye…
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Xxtayce Xxtayce 9 January 2015

THEORY: Speculative more detailed KKC map

Speculative more detailed map (click blog post title to view). Most locations are directly from here: so please read (or at least skim) it before saying I'm wrong outright.  =)

The old cities are mentioned in Skarpi's story - in ch 26, Lanre's Betrayal:

"But eight cities remained. They were Belen, Antus, Vaeret, Tinusa, Emlen, and the twin cities of Murilla and Murella. Last was Myr Tariniel, greatest of them all and the only one unscarred by the long centuries of war. It was protected by the mountains and brave soldiers. But the true cause of Myr Tariniel’s peace was Selitos. Using the power of his sight he k…

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Xxtayce Xxtayce 9 January 2015

THEORY: The King that Kvothe Kills is the Maer

The King in the frame story of the Waystone has as his colors blue and white:

The door of the Waystone opened and a sudden gust of wind made the lamplight flicker. Two soldiers came in, hunched against the weather, their swords sticking out like tails behind them. Dark spatters of rain spotted the fabric of their blue-and-white tabards. - WMF, ch 136

Which just happens to be the same colors as:

They wore the Maer’s colors but beneath their sapphire and ivory were functional breastplates with steel rings and leather. Each man wore a long sword and a long knife. They eyed me seriously as I approached. - WMF, ch 54

The only way for the current King to wear the Maer’s colors is if: (1) he is the Maer, or: (2) he’s related to the Maer… or Meluan Lack…

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Ivorydoom Ivorydoom 30 December 2014


Hi Everyone!

I have been editing on this wikia for over 2 years, I've noticed that our bureaucrat is not active anymore.  I've hit up both Corey and Huffdog in hopes that one of them will promote me to an admin and possibly adopt the wiki, since they were admins first.  If I do not recieve a response within one week I intend to go through the process of adopting the wiki myself given no one has any objections.  If you have any questions please post them or message to me!


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A Fandom user 30 November 2014

Questions that Need Answering in The Doors of Stone

These are some of the questions that need answering in The Doors of Stone. Feel free to edit or add any you deem necessary.

(Note: It is unlikely that all of these questions will be answered, but having these written down in the same place may be useful in organizing theories.)

  1. Who was the woman that Chronicler referred to in NotW?
    Chronicler says that "some people say there was a woman..." to which Kote cuts him off by saying what do they know? "they say she..." and Kvothe says what do any of them know? Is this woman Denna? Did something tragic happen to her? What did she do?
  2. Which princess did Kvothe steal from sleeping barrow kings?
    At the beginning of his tale to Chronicler, Kvothe says that he "stole princesses from sleeping barrow kings."…

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Amyrilin Amyrilin 17 July 2014

Temerant and Patrick Rothfuss

Since I first read the Name of The Wind and the Wise Man's Fear, even before there was a name for the world and we just called it the Four Corners I loved it. The Kingkiller Chronicles is everything I could ever want in a book, deep and so smooth and polished I could hardly believe it. I can't say enough about Patrick Rothfuss and how much I appreciate all the work he has done and I look forward to seeing this Wiki transform into a much larger and detailed site to encomapass the whole world of Temerant and the many books that Patrick Rothfuss will write.

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Jsderwin Jsderwin 4 July 2013

100 Cealdish Copper Jot's sold out on eBay in record time!

Well that was quick! Almost as quickly as Pat shared the eBay link on his Facebook page, all the Jots were grabbed up by fans eager to hold a piece of the world in their own hands.

Soon after, Pat updated his status with this:

"Whoops. Sorry folks. The jots Tom had up for sale have all sold out.

In like... ten minutes. I don't know if I should feel proud of that, or kinda guilty....

We'll have more of the jots available later, and more types of coins too. Drabs are coming soon..."

After last months stunning Kickstarter success, it's no real surprise these fantastic collectors items sold out so fast. Be sure to become a fan of Patrick's fanpage to get the latest news before these items are snapped up by other eager fans!  And get ready to trade …

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Asnow89 Asnow89 17 June 2013

Updates to KingKiller Wiki

Hi Kingkiller Fans!

My name is Ariana- I am a Community Development Associate over here at Wikia. I am planning on making a few edits to the main page to help new users navigate the wiki a little better. I am also going to update the skin and navigation bar. Let me know if you have any suggestions!


Ariana 18:01, June 17, 2013 (UTC)

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Zandu balm Zandu balm 3 May 2013

But what about catharsis

  • Hi, I been thinking I'm taking these books too much as I puzzle to solve, and nearing
  • conclusion , I'm baffled by some odd things like where were the sithe that day when
  • kvothe wandered nr the cthaeh, whose side is it on, what happened to selitos and lyra,
  • don't buy they are dead, one of them could be the evil creature or not and if amyr and
  • chandrian are not on the same side again what side are they are on, there have to be 2 sides
  • the two rhymes could point to interweaving destinies separate yet closely operating,
  • culmination in a tragedy between two people who fall in love - bit of hamlet, romeo n juliet,
  • n myth of orpheus so using christian allegory other stuff a lot can be made out
  • but the danger is that we seek answers like arliden which r t…
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Zandu balm Zandu balm 9 January 2013

I think I got their plan

I )

People have pointed out that the several names of Denna are similar to Diana, the moon goddess.

The moon is ever-changing and thus its name differs like the wind’s name varying from place to place.

Denna is restless and changeable like the wind, she like the moon can be chased but never wholly possessed.

Lyra = lyre, the instrument of Artemis and Apollo. Also Denna’s first instrument is the lyre.

The stories of Iax, Lanre, and Kvothe seem to follow the Endymion myth – lovers separated by death; in death separated but in love immortal. The Adem story of Rethe and Aethe was similar where the fallen hero gains the victory. 

Lady “Lackless” is perfect in the manner that the moon with its spots is perfect and Denna with all her faults is perfect …

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Ivorydoom Ivorydoom 8 November 2012


Hey All -

Just thought I'd let you know I've been randomly adding to the articles on here. I'm a huge fan of the series and Pat, I've read the books through a good number of times and am always chatting about them on Goodreads. Since we use this resource kinda often, I decided to start editing the articles that have given us some trouble and have incorrect information, but then I just started having so much fun I started expanding the articles I could.

Anyway, I hope I can contribute a good deal to the community here as I'm almost an encyclopedia on the series. I intend to expand what I can from memory then double back and clean up with the books.

If anyone wants to collaborate just hit me up. You can find me easy on goodreads too at www.good…

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Huffdogg Huffdogg 27 November 2011

Starting to get serious

I've been a user of wikia sites for years. Specifically, the World of Warcraft wiki (now almost entirely defunct) was a daily touchstone for me for years, and the first reason I ever found to create a wikia profile was to make an edit on that wiki (one of the proudest moments of my gamer life). When I found out that there was a wiki for the Kingkiller Chronicles (I still feel that ought to be the name of this wiki, rather than the Name of the Wind), I had to check it out. Imagine my dismay to find it almost entirely empty. It seemed like destiny. I immediately set about fleshing out what I could from memory, and even reread the books and started taking notes as I did so (I'm currently in Ademre in book two on my second time through). …

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Adrian Grant Adrian Grant 9 June 2011


We need to update this wiki, the books are way too GOOD, to have such a SLOPPY wiki,

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