"Baron Greyfallow['s] name opened many doors that would ordinarily be closed to the Edema Ruh."

Baron Greyfallow is the patron of the troupe Lord Greyfallow's Men.


Baron Greyfallow is Lord of the eastern marshes, Hudumbran-by-Thiren, and the Wydeconte Hills. He also holds the titles of Viscount of Montrone and Lord of Trellistone. His colors are green and grey.[1]

He sponsors a troupe of well-respected Edema Ruh performers led by Arliden, named "Lord Greyfallow's Men". His name provided the troupe protection, access and support. In return the troupe wore his colors and added to his reputation wherever they went. Once a year, his troupe would spend two span at his manor, entertaining him and his household.[1]

Kvothe described the baron as a gracious host, who would invite the troupe to sit at his own table and gave the members gifts. He'd once given Kvothe a regiment of tiny lead soldiers. Arliden, however, couldn't tolerate the idea of being at the baron's beck and call.[2]


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