The Aturan Empire is a country in the middle of the Four Corners of Civilization, with Ceald and the Commonwealth to the west and Modeg and the Small Kingdoms to the east. Though still sizable in Kvothe’s time, the Aturan Empire was once much larger and more powerful. Yll and Vintas are among the lands that were once part of the Aturan Empire.

The Aturan Empire has existed for at least five hundred years. The Tehlin church is particularly powerful there, and probably originated in Atur: according to church teachings, Atur is where Tehlu bound Encanis to the wheel.

The collapse of the Aturan Empire occurred about three hundred years ago. Reasons for the collapse include the incompetence of Emperor Nalto, the military overextending itself, and the disbandment of the Amyr.

Present day Aturans are seen as superstitious. Many of their dramatic works are morality plays about bargaining with demons, or dramas featuring sinister magicians. Demons are particularly feared in the Aturan Empire.

The Aturan language is related to Tema, and uses the same letters. Aturan is spoken not only in the remains of the Empire, but in most other parts of the Four Corners as well. Aturan is Kvothe’s native language, and the language in which he tells his story.

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