Artificing is a discipline taught at the University that involves standard engineering and the application of runes (known as sygaldry ). These can mimic the effects of sympathy to create items with special properties. Master Kilvin is responsible for teaching Artificing at the University in a building called the Artificery, more commonly refferred to as The Fishery.  Unscrupulous persons with minor skill in Artificing have been known to produce and sell charms , but this is strictly prohibited by the University.  It has been said that most of the tangible examples of the University's teachings found in the rest of the world come from Artificing.

Basic Principles

The most basic applications of Artificing involve applying runes to inanimate objects and materials to replicate the effects of sympathy. Plans for artifacts are called schema.  Artificing also involves precise, painstaking work with acids and caustic substances, various types of fine metalwork, and other work that seems, from descriptions, to be a sort of fusion of chemistry and metallurgy.

Known Schema

Schema Source(s)
sympathy lamp
Gram Facci-Moen ve Scrivani vol. 9
The Bloodless Kvothe's design, in the Fishery records
Deck Lamp
Twice Tough Glass
Cold Sink 
Ground Glass Lens
Salt Pump 
Trifoil Compass 
Teccam’s Winch  
Delevari’s Axle
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