Anker's is the Inn and Bar at which Kvothe lives and is employed.


Anker's is located on the same side of the Omethi River as the University, allowing Kvothe easy access to and from the school. It is in the small town that surrounds and supplies the University. It is owned outright by Anker.

In The Chronicle

After Ambrose bribes and threatens all the local inns not to employ Kvothe, Anker's is the only inn that will accept Kvothe's service. Kvothe lives at Anker's throughout most of the novels in a small room in the upstairs portion of Anker's Inn. He comes to think of his room here as home more than any other place he stays. His tendency to come back late, caused him to developed a secret way into his room, which he shows only to Denna and Auri.

Owners and Affiliates

  • Anker (Owner)
  • Laurel (Waitress)
  • Kvothe (House Musician)


One drink known to be served at Anker's is Greysdale Mead . Sim claims it tastes like piss and costs twice as much as it should. However, it is revealed by Kvothe that he often requests Greysdale when offered drinks from admirers and Anker's knows to serve Kvothe water. Later He and Anker split the difference of any money made in this fashion.