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"All the people talking, dogs, cobblestones ... I just can't be around that right now."
―Alder Whin[1]

Alder Whin is Master Elodin's giller.


Alder Whin, referred to by Elodin simply as Whin, is a full arcanist now confined to Haven. He previously practiced as Elodin's giller before his loss of wits. He is described as owlish and thin, with a reedy voice and wild hair.

In The Chronicle

Kvothe approaches Master Elodin hoping to study under him in the pursuit of naming, a request Elodin hastily refuses. Despite this Kvothe continues to pursue the Master in hopes of changing his mind. During this venture Elodin agrees to answer three questions in exchange for being left alone afterward, the first of these is why Elodin refuses to teach him. Elodin attempts to offer multiple evasive and baiting answers, however Kvothe pursues the true explanation, exasperateing him. Finally the Master agrees to show Kvothe why and leads him at a meandering pace to Haven. Here they meet with Alder Whin who is quite clearly insane. Elodin is able to approach the man and have a rambling discussion that makes little sense, but the implication of which is that he lost his mind whilst practicing naming under the Master. In the end Whin requests Elodin return with a catwhistle, bluedown, and tentbones, for unknown purposes. After this the pair leave Whin in his room and Elodin explains how the arcanist knew what he was getting into, unlike Kvothe, and as such Elodin has no desire to teach him.


It is interesting that during the close of Alder Whin and Elodin's conversation he requests that Master not return with Thunder. In The Wise Man's Fear, when Kvothe receives his true name, Maedre, the partial meaning of it is flame and thunder.


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