Aethe is a character in the folklore of the Adem, responsible in part for the foundation of the Lethani, which is the basis of their entire culture.

Aethe was the best archer, and no one could beat him. He had a student, called Rethe, who was almost as skilled as him. When he founded the first school, and Rethe was his right hand.  But one day they argued and arranged a fight to determine by virtue of skill who deserved to lead the school. Rethe came unarmed, so Aethe shot an arrow at her heart, mortally wounding her.  Rethe didn't die immediately. In the three days it took her to succumb to her wounds, she told Aethe 99 stories, started to go to sleep, and said that the last one was for when she woke up, but she died in her sleep.  Upon her death, Aethe used these stories as the base for the Lethani.

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