"You use coke to make steel. Coke and lime."

Aaron is the blacksmith's apprentice and a regular at the Waystone Inn.


Aaron, is described as tall and broad shoulder, though still boyish not yet able to grow a full beard. He is often reffered to as "boy" or "that Rannish boy." He and his mother moved from Rannish to Newarre when he was 11, after the death of his father. He is known to date a girl name Rose and is afraid of spiders.

In The Chronicle

Aaron is one of the characters featured in the frame story: he frequents the Waystone Inn often listening to the stories of Old Cob. He is present when Carter brings the Scrael he kills into the Waystone, an act that leaves him suspicious and disturbed. After assisting Carter with the disposal of his horse Nelly, who was killed by the creature, he regularly carries a bar of iron to ward off demons. Though this is generally considered strange and unnecessary by the other regulars at the Waystone, it proves to be quite useful when they are attacked by a skin dancer at the end of The Name of the Wind. When a fight breaks out against the beast, Kote, Bast, Chronicler, and Shep do their best to subdue it, but Aaron is the one who successfully kills it using his iron bar after the creature murders Shep. After this event Aaron requests people begin calling him by his first name instead of "boy".

In The Wise Man's Fear, Kote attempts to reveal his true identity to Aaron in order to keep him from enlisting in the King's army with Carter. However, Aaron cannot bring himself to believe that Kote is the legendary Kvothe the Arcane, leaving Kote skeptical of his own previous prowess.